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SUBARU Image Processor: Makali`i

What's Makali`i?

Subaru Image Processor: Makali`i is the software which can analyze the FITS image (data) obtained by the research observation including the Subaru Telescope. If it is non-commercial educational/out-reach/research purpose, anyone can use Makali`i freely.

Makali`i can be used even if it carries out nothing during trial period of 30 days. When exceeding and using 30 days, it is required to register (no charge) and to obtain a license.

Please perform user's registration by following the link below.

Makali`i operates on a personal computer (Ver.2.0c: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1; Ver.2.0-Ver.2.0b: Windows XP/Vista/7; Ver.1.4a: Windows 98/2000-/Me/XP).

* Environment of operation:
o Ver. 2.0 => Windows OS ( Windows XP/Vista/7 )
o Ver. 2.0c => Windows OS ( Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 )
o Ver. 1.4a => Windows OS ( Windows 98/2000-/Me/XP )
* The main functions of Makali`i:
o Aperture Photometry (measuring the brightness of stars)
o Astrometry ()
o Graph (makeing a location-count graph)
o Arithmetic Operation on Image(s) (addition, subtruction, multiplication, division, ...)
o Blink (displaying multiple images alternately)

PAOFITS WG has cooperated in a plan and development of Makali`i.


In order to use Makali`i, please download an installer (the English version : MklSetup.exe) from the following.

Since you will be asked whether save an installer or not if you click the link, please save it at a suitable folder (directory). If the downloaded installer (MklSetup.exe) is double-clicked, installation will start.

When you will install Makali`i as an updating, you need to uninstall the current version manually before the installation. Never forget to make a note of your serial number before the uninstallation.

<>Makali`i (English Version) Download (Ver. 2.0c; minor bug fixed version of 2.0b)
[Note] Ver. 2.0c or Later supported Windows 8/8.1
[Note] The New Feature of Ver. 2.0 or Later:
o Environment of operation has been changed.
Windows 98/2000-/Me/XP (Ver 1.4a) => Windows XP/Vista/7 (Ver. 2.0)
o It is able to open big format FITS data files by utilizing HDD as a means for virtual memory.
o Online manual (Web) is available.
Do you need a legacy version?
oMakali`i (English Version) Download (Ver 1.4a)
[Note] The New Feature of Ver. 1.3d or Later:
It is able to select whether to make the coordinate origin of FITS image an upper left corner or a lower left corner, via [file - Preference] menu.
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<>Makali`i User Registration
NOTE: If your Operating System is Windows Vista or later, please right-click on the Makali`i icon created after the installation, and then, select "Run as administrator" to run Makali`i to input your serial No.
oMakali`i Help Desk
oMakali`i Manual

The origin of the name of "Makali`i"

"Makali`i" mean Pleiades (stellar open cluster whose Japanese name is "SUBARU") in the local language of Hawaii.

About FITS Image (Data)

Most of data for astronomical research are FITS format. 'Flexible Image Transport System' (FITS) format is the standard data format used in astronomy.

More informations, sample FITS data, ...


Subaru Image Processor: MAKALII is a freeware which anyone can use freely only for non-commercial educational/research purpose. Software copyright is owned by both of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and AstroArts Inc. All rights are reserved.

The SOFTWARE is protected by copyright lows and international copyright treaties.

Redistribution of the SOFTWARE for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Copyright (c) 2004    NAOJ