A brief explanation for operation is as follows:

Click the [open] button in the toolbar to display the open dialog. Select the image file and click the [Open] button. The selected image file will be loaded and displayed in a new window.

When you bring the mouse pointer above the image window, the X and Y value in the information bar will tell you where exactly the mouse is pointing. The count value of the pixel and the average count value of the image will also be displayed in the information bar. If you had opened a spectrum image, the wavelength information of the pixel will also be displayed. If the FITS header of the image contains WCS information, that is also displayed.

From the Image bar, you can control the brightness of the image, or change color mode.

You can trim the image, compare images by blinking, take photometric measurement and astrometric measurement using the commands in the tool bar.

You can make a slice graph along a line segment by using the [graph] button in the tool bar. The [graph] button will depress and you will be able to use the graphic tools. Use the mouse to draw a line on any part of an image, and you will automatically produce a slice graph of that line. To hide the line segments, click [Hide MARKS] button in the Image bar. And check "graph" in "type". To return the line segments to the screen, click [show] button on graph dialog.

To erase the line segments, click the [erase] button on graph dialog.

To exit the SUBARU Image Processor: Makali`i click the [exit] button.

For further information, you can refer to the following documents.