Image bar

This bar is located right below the Tool Bar. It allows you to adjust contrast, change color modes and magnification levels.


You can adjust gradation levels of the active image by dragging the Adjust Level slider or by directly entering the [Min Levels] and the [Max Levels]. If an image has a high contrast, you can view it more easily by checking the [Log Scale] check box.
To adjust the level of the image automatically, it is executed by pushing [Auto Adjust] button.

To change color mode, use the [Color Mode] drop down menu.
For details see: [Color Mode]

[Zoom down] button

This command zooms out on the active image.

[Zoom up] button

This command zooms in on the active image.

[Color Mode] drop down menu

You can change the color mode of the active image.
For details see: [Color Mode]

[Log Scale] check box

When this checkbox is not checked, the image will be shown normally. (Liner Scale mode.) When this checkbox is checked, the image will be shown using the log scale of the count values. (Log Scale mode) It is easier to view high-contrast images in Log Scale Mode.

In Log Scale mode, a Minimum Level Value of less than 0 is ignored and replaced with 1/100 of the Maximum Level Value. If Minimum Level Value and Maximum Level Value are both below 0 they will be ignored and replaced with 1 as a Minimum Level Value and 100 as a Maximum Level Value.

[Minimum Level] edit box

Enter the Minimum Level for the active image.

[Adjust Levels] slider

You can adjust the Max level of the active image by dragging the {bmc bm0.BMP} mark, and the Minimum level by dragging the {triangle} mark.

[Maximum Level] edit box

Enter the Maximum Level for the active image.

[Auto Adjust] button

The level is automatically adjusted based on the value set by [Auto Contrast Setup...] of the menu.

[Hide Marks] button

Hides the marks of graph, photometry and astrometry.