Load and Save

Load and Save

Loading Images

This command opens a new image. Select an image file in the "Open image file" Dialog and click the [Open] button. The selected image file is opened and will be displayed in a new window.
You can select multiple files in the Open dialog, by clicking while holding down the [Ctrl] key. By clicking two files while holding down the [Shift] key, all the files between the two files will be selected. Supported File Formats

When a FITS, MUTOH, or SBIG image file without any gradation level information is opened, an automatic level adjustment will be preformed.

When a FITS image file with photometry and astrometry results saved in the extensions is opened, the following dialog will be displayed:

"Photometry and astrometry results are saved in the extensions. Do you want to restore the marks?"
(The actual dialog is still in Japanese, but this is what it means.)

If you choose [Yes], the photometry and astrometry marks will be displayed on the image.

Multi Planes FITS Load Settings

When a multi plane FITS file is opened, a "Multi planes FITS Load image Setting" dialog will be displayed, so chose the following options.

The number of planes the image has is shown here.
[Loading Method]
Select whether to load the file as a grayscale image or a color image.
[Plane Select]
Select the planes to be displayed.
If you are opening the file as a grayscale image, choose one plane from the image.
If you are opening the file as a color image, choose the planes that will be displayed as the R, G and B planes.

Saving Images

To save the active image, click the [Save] button in the Toolbar, or select the [Save As] command in the [File] menu. Then, a [Save As] dialog will be displayed. Enter the file name and choose a format, and click the [Save] button.


The color mode and the Log mode setting of the image will not be saved.
Information in the FITS folder will only be saved if the file is saved in the FITS format.
You cannot overwrite a Multi Planes FITS file. so you will have to save the file with a new name, unless the image is a Color FITS format file (a Multi-Plane Format which FITS header contains "SI-TYPE = 'RGB '").

Save as Dialog

Select a folder (directory) to save the file in. To create a new folder, click the [Create New Folder] button in the dialog.
[File Name]
Specify the file name here. If you do not specify an extension here, the format selected in the [File Format] will be the format of the image file.
Options in [Save As]
There are different options for each image format when you [Save as...] an image.

[JPEG Save Setting]
[TIFF Save Setting]
[FITS Save Setting]
[GIF Save Setting]
[BMP/DIB Save Setting]
[PNG Save Setting]

When you want to open the images in another software, choose the options to suit the software.


Images in Mutoh format (MTF, BIN) are saved in the monochrome mode.