Load and Save

File Format

This SUBARU Image Processor: Makali`i can load and save the following file formats.

Format Load Save
BMP (.bmp) Ok Ok
DIB (.dib) Ok Ok
Bitran (.ccd, .drk, .flt, .fdk) Ok --
FITS (.fit, .fts, .fits) 1)
8-bit unsigned integer Ok Ok
16-bit signed integer Ok Ok
16-bit unsigned integer -- --
32-bit signed integer Ok Ok
32-bit unsigned integer -- --
32-bit float Ok Ok
64-bit float Ok Ok
JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) Ok Ok
Mutoh (.mtf, .bin) Ok Ok
PNG (.png) Ok Ok
TIFF (.tif, .tiff)
8-bit color Ok Ok
16-bit color Ok Ok
8-bit B/W Ok Ok
16-bit B/W Ok Ok
SBIG (.st[4 - 9], .stx, .stv, .237, .255, .r, .g, .b) Ok Limitation 2)

1) Supported FITS formats are Multi-Plane Format (3DFITS data), Color Format (a Multi-Plane Format with a FITS header containing "SI-TYPE = 'RGB '"). and Spectrum Format (WCS supported).

2) SBIG Files can be saved by overwriting the original SBIG file. It cannot be saved with a new name.